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Swiss Screw Machines

Eliminate costly secondary operations.

CNC Swiss Screw Machines 1 1/2 MM to 25.4 MM (.040 in. to 1 in.)Tolerance + or - .0002

Concurrent machining of front, back, outside diameter and drilling, with up to 13 Axis and 44 tools.

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Swiss screw machines, Erickson Automatics Inc., a family owned business that has been producing quality parts for over 20 years. Erickson is today's answer to the increasing demands of the machining industry in the 21st Century.

In our 23,500 square foot facility you will find modern and well maintained equipment.

Our Swiss screw machine operators and other staff members have one goal in mind. To provide quality parts, on time, eliminating the need for expediting your purchase orders.

Just-in time or individually tailored inventory plans are available for your Swiss screw machining needs.

We have provided Swiss screw machine services to customers located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and overseas. Our shop in the Minnesota Twin Cities area, is strategically located for reducing shipping distances, as well as procuring secondary services such as plating and heat treating.

You can expect estimates normally within 24 to 48 hours, assuming there is no difficulty with obtaining material costs.

Our Swiss screw machines can supply short, medium or long run production. Regardless of the quantity, we manufacture your parts with efficiency, to insure your costs are kept to a minimum.

Are you used to paying tooling charges on each new order? Not with Erickson Automatics. We maintain many types of tooling at no charge to our customer. If a part does require a specialized tool, it is clearly indicated in our quote.

Tired of hearing that your parts are delayed due to a break down of a machine or a tool breaking?

Rarely does this occur with Erickson Automatics. Our machines are well maintained with back up tooling kept on hand.

Your tougher materials should not be an issue with us. We cut most types of metals and plastics, including steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, titanium and other exotic materials

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24800 ULYSSES CT. N. E.
ISANTI, MN 55040

P. O. BOX 216, CEDAR, MN 55011
PHONE 763-444-4698 TOLL FREE 888-562-7467
FAX 763-444-4699

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